Mini Vacay Sept 5 - Oct 15th

Sadly one of my favorite yearly events has been officially cancelled.  This year has been quite interesting to say the least.  So as the old saying goes when life gives you lemons make lemonade.   I decided to take one month off to REORGANIZE, REFRESH, and RETHINK mwLOLs way forward.  Reorganize will be the big one lol.  

Not to worry I will be restocking the salon in a few days. And may also go to Longs Farmers Market in October.  Hoping to bring you some exciting things.  Thank you for your continued support! 

Our Mission

Made with Lots of Love sells handcrafted, plant-based bath, body and home products that are cruelty-free.  Never tested on animals because we love our furry friends. Through compassion, purposefulness, and diversity, our mission is to create products with high-quality ingredients that cater to all skin types without harming living creatures. We share a love for people, pets and our planet.