Handcrafted Vegan Soap

We make all of our soaps, using the cold-process method, in small batches. I never test on animals, only friends and family.  You will feel the difference between handmade soap vs. "store brand" bars (which are full of chemicals and detergents).  Then hopefully you will like "real" soap so much you will never buy store brand again!   Handmade soap will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean but not dried out. My soaps are made with 100% plant-based oils (no animal testing or animal products) that benefit your skin in many ways (see ingredients page).  Also, the scents are just amazing.  The aromatherapy alone is worth it. 

All my soaps cure for at least one month and are tested to ensure that it’s ready and safe to use. I cut my soap by hand. While I try to do my best to measure and cut carefully and evenly, each bar is a little different but weighs approximately 5.5 oz each.

Each bar is:

-Unique (may not be exact one from picture, but very close)



-Phthlate Free

-Paraben Free

-Palm Free