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Ahhhroma-Therapy Heat Pack LARGE

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Scented Heat Packs

Our flaxseed heat packs are made with cotton fabric and flaxseed infused with essential oils. The outer cover is removeable for washing. The pillow can be used hot or cold.  Store them in the freezer for using cold, or heat them in the microwave for sustained moist heat and heavenly herbal aroma. This pillow is approximately 20 inches long by 4.75 inches wide and contains flaxseeds weighing approximately 1.5 pounds. These heat packs are free form like bean bags so that they can be used as heating pads anywhere on the body, not just the neck. You can shape it any way you like to fit it most comfortable. The loose form feels great for your lower back, stomach, or take it to bed hot to warm your feet on a cold night. These pillows are packaged in clear cellophane bags with a ribbon.  Perfect for yourself or gift-giving.

Warming your pillow: Microwaves have different power levels ranging from 500 - 1650 Watts. 1.5 minutes of heating is a guideline, but consider heating for a lower time period if you have a very powerful microwave (see cautions). Heat in 30 second intervals after first minute. When warming your pillow place it in the center of the microwave so that it does not touch the microwave wall and it can rotate during warming. If your microwave does not have a rotating tray, then stop half way through microwaving, shake the pillow, reposition and continue heating. This is to avoid scorching from hot spots in the microwave. The microwave must be clean, because food and oil may also create hot spots. 

Cautions: Flaxseed and herbs are natural materials that can burn when overheated. If you overheat a flaxseed pillow, it could result in burned flax seeds, damage to the fabric, or fire. Use less microwave time when reheating already warm pillows. Heat in 30 second intervals after first minute. Staying near the microwave during heating is recommended.

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