Vegan Bath Fizzies
Vegan Bath Fizzies
Made with Lots of Love

Vegan Bath Fizzies

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Come relax and enjoy your favorite scent while pampering yourself and your skin in a warm relaxing bath with one of these wonderfully fragrant bath fizzies.  Made with no harsh chemicals- these are even safe for kids!

This is not your ordinary plain bath fizzy.  We load our bath fizziess with ingredients such as Epson Salt and Cocoa Butter for their beneficial effects on your skin.

You can use one or several in each bath.   Then just fill the tub with warm water , drop in a fizzy and enjoy the soothing butters, salts and fragrance as you relax and unwind.

*Please note - this product may cause the tub/shower to become slippery*

This listing is for 1 - 2.5 oz bath bomb.

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